Month: January 2020

Why Women in Love Are Angry-_1

Why are women in love so angry? The Korean movie “Savage Girlfriend” swept China. This is very different from our traditional belief that women in love should be gentle. Now, scientists have found a theoretical basis for the “savage girlfriends”.   According to the latest issue of “New Scientist” magazine, the Italian female scientist Marazzetti’s research […]

Chinese Medicine Crying, Laughing, Singing and Laughing

Chinese Medicine “Crying, Laughing, Singing and Laughing” Sound expresses emotions, and emotions come from the body. Therefore, sound can reflect physical condition.   Since ancient times, Chinese medicine has attached great importance to the significance of sound for diagnosis. TCM doctors pay attention to “looking, smelling, asking, and cutting”. The smell includes not only smell, but […]

Playing badminton is not a trivial matter

Playing badminton is not a trivial matter Playing badminton is not a trivial matter. In today’s society where work pressure is increasing, many people like to go to work out at the gym or play badminton or kick. The fitness coach said: You ca n’t ignore badminton.!!   Ms. Li introduced that since playing badminton last […]

School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

School of Traditional Chinese Medicine The summer climate is hot, people are easily upset, tired, and fatigued. When self-care and exercise, you should calm down and ensure that the heart functions vigorously.   In the hot days, the most prone seasonal illness is heat stroke. Heatstroke is mainly caused by high temperature and poor environmental ventilation, […]

Jinhua City: Tiandi and Yoga Studio

Jinhua City: Tiandi and Yoga Studio Tiandi and Yoga Studio is a well-known yoga club in central Zhejiang. It mainly focuses on professional yoga training. It deeply researches the essence of Indian Yoga and modern western and eastern yoga, and has made great achievements in yoga weight loss and physical improvement.   Introduction of the hall: […]

What kind of men make women crazy

What kind of men make women crazy When our feelings for women rekindled, we suddenly felt a feeling that we hadn’t seen in the past. This is how we feel about the woman’s body. It is no longer a pure act of sexual intercourse, not necessarily different.Skills or medicine to achieve the joy of physical […]

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