Does emergency doctor really predict coronavirus?Medical drama still has a long way to go

Does “emergency doctor” really predict coronavirus?Medical drama still has a long way to go
The recent epidemic caused netizens to turn out the 2017 “Emergency Physician”, and a short video clip of the “Prophetic Play” was transferred to the circle of friends.Seeing the doctor’s decisive and efficient emergency plan and professional scientific isolation method in the clip, it coincides with the epidemic that is currently being urgently resolved. Everyone can’t help but sigh, “This is a professional medical drama.”Looking back at the history of Chinese TV dramas in the past, it seems that there are few clear domestic medical dramas.”Emergency Physician” stills.The significance of medical drama is to let everyone have more respect and understanding of this industry. In fact, medical drama is also a kind of industry drama, but somehow, domestic TV dramas suddenly shrink when they encounter industry dramas, both professional and plot.Inferior.why?Some people say that this is blamed on the screenwriter.Indeed, the writing of industry scripts requires the screenwriter to have a very high level of industry knowledge, and the medical script requires the screenwriter to have penetrated the industry once, preferably with a very professional medical background, to be able to quickly do a lot of homework, through the reset informationCollect to complete the description of the medical field.This is why some medical dramas invite domestic medical directors, directors or experts to serve as consultants.But screenwriting is actually not the main thing.In contrast, domestic TV dramas, industry dramas are not mainstream, so-called most industry dramas are love dramas dressed in industry coats.This is not a substitute for a script, or a common problem with multiple contemporary alternatives to domestic dramas.Reasonably speaking, love dramas make money, have ratings, and have heat; reasonably speaking, everything in this world can’t escape a love.In itself, the profession of domestic doctors has not received the most due respect for various reasons, which has indirectly led to a lack of high interest in this industry.Fading the mystery of the medical industry and the sacredness of the doctor itself to save people, everyone’s focus on the medical drama ultimately fell on the hordes of small fresh meat.Those who watch medical dramas are rare professional doctors, because their lives are all occupied by hospitals and patients. The majority of the audience is still young people who usually watch sweet and idol urban love.So a medical drama turned into a romantic drama, which is the result of the big data showing the audience’s favorite categories.”Emergency Physician” stills.Objectively speaking, whether an industry can become a hot topic in film and television depends largely on whether the characteristics of this industry can provide good dramatized material for the series, and whether the main characters can provide a double dilemma and soul limit.The opportunity to ask. When we look at medical scripts, a small number of people are looking at medical knowledge. Most people still want to see the stories of bitter blood and tears in this industry that is always a life-or-death choice.The meaning of the medical script is finally given to everyone, and I hope that more people will have an abstract and a better understanding of the medical industry.”Emergency Physician” has beautification and dramatization, but there are also real “Emergency Physician” This drama is recognized by everyone and praised by many audiences, but it is a professionally recognized audience for this drama, which has “made everyone moreUnderstand how difficult it is to be a doctor. “Many doctors around me said that the techniques and procedures of tracheal intubation, chest compressions, and defibrillation are acceptable. As for the ECG graphics, the data in the form is not correct, and it is not deliberate to see. In fact, it is not harmful.And they are very gratified that this drama adds a first aid common sense at the end of the film, such a popular science is the highest meaning of medical drama.Do you say that “Emergency Physician” is beautified, is there any false writing?Films and televisions are drawn from life, and ultimately, for visual presentation, they must be improved.In order to make everyone better at medical treatment, medical scripts are used to highlight some people and dramatize some plots, which is reasonable.For example, there is a very touching plot where the doctors in the play paid for the patients themselves, but in reality, if every doctor does this, it will have a variety of effects.What’s more, medical treatment is not a rich and handsome industry. Many hospitals are still responsible for their own profits and losses. Doctors are just a part-time job, relying on the skills and knowledge they have learned to support their families.In addition, many medical students have criticized this drama, saying that the female host has ignored all regulations to train, rotate, specialize and promote the system, and put it into reality. Even if you graduate from college, you ca n’t represent medical care as long as you do n’t have a working year.Level.Indeed, medicine is an empirical discipline. From the age of more than 30 years of doctoral degree to the director of the appraisal of professional titles, it is all about struggling.Therefore, many people are very apt to be hired as a deputy chief physician and a group with a doctoral graduate of emergency medicine at Harvard University.But there is no way. If you really talk about a director in his fifties, what is the audience’s highlight?”Emergency Physician” stills.In any case, in “Emergency Physician”, you can see the story is attentive, as far as possible to avoid excessive deification of medical staff.In some of the previous medical scripts, when the doctor rescued the patient, the other patient hit it. The rescue was interrupted, the patient died, and the patient’s family members had to deal with the medical troubles of the patient.But the doctor is also an ordinary person, who can’t do it while being beaten inexplicably and can save people with a smile.So in “emergency doctor”, we see more real doctors and some real emergency department conditions.And it is behind these realities and realities that we can get involved and feel how difficult they are.The focus of the medical drama is to look at the social scene and return to the segment similar to the current epidemic. Many people marveled that this was the prediction of the TV series, and some people rationally pointed out that this was the SARS situation in the same year.Putting the stories that happened in reality in the plot of film and television dramas is something that many creators will refer to when they are exposed to unfamiliar fields.Because the facts happen and have basis, so they can be more credible when they are written.But it is worth noting that even if the sample cases drawn from the real environment are very rich, its focus is not on the pure medical knowledge of the profession itself, but on the social observation.Use real-life events to find materials, but it is a great secret for screenwriters to create dramas in the medical industry if they want to discover social gaps.Using some medical stories to observe some reality in the current medical ecology, and trying to alleviate the existing social anxiety problems such as the doctor-patient relationship, it is also the mission of the domestic medical drama-to show the current status of China’s medical ecology.At the time of the “Emergency Doctor” broadcast, Jiang Xiaoqi’s sentence in the play was once hotly searched-“Every patient is only a tenth of a day in front of us, and we are in every patientIn front, it is the only one.”You will find that this is the” unique “state of Chinese medical treatment and the specific reality that Chinese medical dramas have to and must consider when designing cases.Give patients a choice, one end is “money” and the other is “life”, giving doctors a dilemma, one side is “human relations” and one side is “personnel”.Therefore, unconsciously, China’s medical dramas must bear a series of thinking propositions behind conflicting and contradictory medical topics. The final point is the definition of doctor’s identity and the collision of medical concepts.And every new medical drama can bring us, is it still when we re-examine this strange and familiar field, will there be some new understanding?Stills of “Heart Technique”.In fact, medical dramas have always been a tough part of the industry drama “triangle iron”, and they are separate from the public security criminal investigation and legal subjects.The medical industry covers a wide range of society, and the starting point of the medical drama is to pay attention to the underlying social life, which can be described as the popular “mainstream positive energy” type.In the creation, there are many typical samples of medical stories, which belong to the theme of “pure natural advantages” with rich adaptation sources and wonderful creative materials.However, I have seen the ranking of domestic medical dramas rated by many netizens, most of which are “Anaesthesia Storm 1” (2015)> “Anaesthesia Storm 2” (2017)> “Heart Technique” (2012)> “Surgery Situation” (2017)> “Emergency physicians (2017).In fact, every year there will be a certain representative and influential medical theme drama series, but in the end, it is inevitable that everyone will be compared with these classic dramas, and then the reputation will fall.But the development and progress of medical dramas are also in our eyes.In the medical drama in 2020, it has gradually evolved into a mainstream form starring the popular Xiaohua partner star.In “The rest of my life, please advise me” starring Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan, “Thank you doctor” starring Yang Mi and Bai Yu, and “The Great Pediatrician” starring Wang Ziwen and Chen Xiao, I can be pleased to see that theseThe role of doctors supported by Zhang Jiayi, Hai Qing and others was now replaced by these young people.But at the same time, there are also some concerns. After all, medical dramas are not like costume dramas and romantic sweet pet dramas. You can rely on salt, sweet and milk, and you can harvest a wave of praise for strength. On the contrary, a small mistake isIt is easy to be bombarded by netizens.Stills from “Please advise me for the rest of my life”.The picture is starring Xiao Zhan. Of course, at the moment of the epidemic, some film and television planning teams began to turn out the medical topics in the inventory to see if they could hatch.I believe that after this epidemic, there must be a lot of movies and TV series that use this epidemic as the prototype of the story.The description of the epidemic is the most regular, it is nothing more than the external focus on the whole country to help Wuhan in one heart, and the internal focus on how to rescue the patients regardless of their own lives and unknown risks.But in the future, the medical drama at that time may have a higher foothold.Perhaps, from the perspective that people such as the government and foundations did not understand before, using other side characters such as reporters and aided volunteers as the protagonist to introduce the story of the epidemic is also a trick to deflect.□ Qiu Xiaomo (play reviewer) Editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen Proofreading Liu Jun

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