Sun Tiantian’s once golden flower is now protecting the flower

Sun Tiantian’s once golden flower is now “protecting the flower”
In 2004, Sun Tiantian (right) partner Li Ting won the Athens Women ‘s Tennis Doubles Championship.Profile picture / In the WTA Zhengzhou Tennis Open just ended by Osports, Olympic champion Sun Tiantian, who has retired for 10 years, once again stepped on the stage to complete the status change from player to service player.Sun Tiantian is a recognized character of “China Golden Flower” and the first of them to get involved in the operation of top professional events.As the director of the competition department of the tournament, Sun Tiantian wants to provide players with a full range of service guarantees, and the details of the tournament have become her most important place.  Sun Tiantian was born on October 12, 1981. In 1999, he became a professional player tour singles champion: 1 career total record: 217 wins and 156 losses. Career total bonus: $ 1.01 million. Main record In 2004, partner Li Ting won WTA GuangzhouOpen Champion In 2006, WTA Tashkent Open Women’s Singles Championship In 2008, partner Zimonjic won the Australian Open mixed doubles title and turned from the player into the “waiter” Athens Olympics tennis women’s doubles champion Sun Tiantian recently was a little busy.On the evening of September 8, Sun Tiantian and the Olympic champion Jia Zhanbo who were also from Henan ignited the torch of the 11th National Traditional Sports Games.Early the next morning, Sun Tiantian went to the Central Plains Tennis Center in the east of Zhengzhou. She is the head of the WTA Zhengzhou Tennis Open Competition Department and is responsible for providing services to players.  In 2014, Zhengzhou hosted the ITF competition for the first time, and Sun Tiantian, who retired shortly afterwards, became the event director.In the following years, the level of the competition soared all the way, and this year it won the right to host the WTAP700 top-level tournament.With the growth of the tournament in the past few years, Sun Tiantian has also completed the status change from player to service player.  ”When you play on your own, you are served by everyone.We just need to do our training well and play well.Now my job is to serve the players, the roles have to change, and there are more worrying things.”In the past week, the game was interrupted by rain from time to time, and the support team was busy.” Everyone cooperated and there was no complaint.Players’ waiting is not easy, and they can eventually dedicate a wonderful game to the fans.”As the first batch of professional women’s players in China Women’s Tennis, Sun Tiantian is very clear about the essence of details in professional events.Many times, a few intimate small services can make these professional players who travel all day long feel warm, and can also reflect the intentions of the event organizers.  ”Be sure to think about the players. Can the players who come to Zhengzhou for the first time several times find the training ground very convenient?Are training balls, towels and other items well protected?”Sun Tiantian said that some players were in a bad mood after losing the ball. At this time, it is important for her to find the shuttle bus back to the hotel smoothly.” She definitely wants to leave the place quickly. Anyway, we think so after losing the game.We will do our best to ensure site service guarantee.”This is Sun Tiantian’s first time participating in the WTA’s top-level event protection and service work. The game has never returned home before 12 pm.The first year of the game has passed smoothly. Sun Tiantian has set his sights on next year. “Next year we will have a standard venue with more than 5,000 people. This is the WTA’s most basic standard.Of course, we are definitely incomparable with China Net and Wu Net’s hardware. We can only try to improve our soft power to do this service well.Participate in the whole process of participating in the bidding for the WTA top-level competition. In the WTA event system, the Zhengzhou Open is a P700 event, second only to the Crown (China Open) and the Super Five (Wuhan Open).The predecessor of this race was the Oakland Open in the United States. Due to funding problems, WTA no longer held it. WTA began to find new host cities around the world. Zhengzhou participated in the competition for the first time.  As the only Grand Slam player in Henan, Sun Tiantian participated in the bidding process in December last year. She and the team also made a presentation at the WTA St. Petersburg headquarters.  In every professional game, the player is the absolute owner.Sun Tiantian ‘s job is to use his former player identity to tell the various directors of WTA that Zhengzhou has the ability to run this game. “It is a concerted effort for everyone to have trust in the city of Zhengzhou.”In February of this year, WTA passed Zhengzhou’s application.The landing of the Zhengzhou Open surrounded the gap of Chinese tennis without the WTA top-level game.Since then, the tennis tournaments in China have covered all levels of the WTA from the Open, Top Class, Super Five, Crown, and year-end finals.  Starting from last week’s Zhengzhou and Nanchang Opens, the more than one-month Chinese season officially started, followed by Guangzhou, Wuhan, China Open, Tianjin and other events.At the end of October, the WTA year-end finals will also be held in Shenzhen.Such a concentrated scale of events, this is what Sun Tiantian did not dare to think before.At the beginning of professionalization, ITF competitions are basically in China, and the total prize money can reach 50,000 US dollars.Today, high-level professional events are blossoming everywhere, and the total prize money provided in the first year of the Zhengzhou Open is as high as 1.5 million US dollars.  Intensive events also provide a broader platform for young players.This year’s Zhengzhou Tennis Open has strongly supported local players. Four of the six wild cards in the women’s singles qualifying match were given to Chinese players. The teenagers Wang Meiling, Lu Jiajing and You Xiaodi were also very eager to enter the main game.The three wild cards in the race were given to the former world’s first Corbel, and the other two were given to Yang Zhaoxuan and Duan Yingying respectively.  ”I hope they can expect more opportunities through the opportunities and wild cards provided by these events, and hope that they can seize these opportunities and stabilize them.In Sun Tiantian’s view, these young players can now be exposed to high-level events very early, which is known to women and is very important to be included in the tournament.Last week, Wang Qiang reached the 12th place in the world. There are 4 Chinese players in the top 60 of WTA. “If I can maintain this status for a long time, and there can be more young players in Chinese tennis, I think it is beyondLi Na’s may not be without, just need to give them some time now.”Currently, none of the five golden flowers left tennis. After the Busan Asian Games in 2002, Chinese tennis officially started its professionalization process.Li Na, Sun Tiantian, Li Ting, Zheng Jie and Yan Zi became the first players in the Chinese tennis professional to professional transition, known as “Chinese Golden Flower” in history, and later players were called “Little Flower” or “Little Flower”.  In the process of professional exploration, Li Na and Sun Tiantian inadvertently created a new era. Their record includes Grand Slam singles, doubles, mixed doubles championships, as well as Olympic gold and bronze medals.These achievements were later difficult to match.  Today, although the “five golden flowers” have been retired one after another, they have never left tennis.Sun Tiantian is currently the deputy director of Henan Zhongyuan Tennis Center and the first golden flower involved in the operation of professional events.Li Na has been preparing to build her own tennis school in recent years, and Zheng Jie has launched the youth tournament “Zheng Jie Cup” for the 10th year.Sun Tiantian’s former partner Li Ting is now a teacher of Beijing Sport University.Yan Zi felt a little far away from the tennis circle, but often appeared in some tennis activities.  ”These of us have never left tennis, and we can often see them in the activities of the Chinese Tennis Association.”Sun Tiantian said that although their respective work focuses are different, everyone still loves tennis, and they all work in their familiar fields,” we all want to contribute our strength to Chinese tennis. Such a mood and original intentionit’s the same.”Now, all five golden flowers have become a family and have children, and the” Net 2nd Generation “can all join together to play in the Confederations Cup.Sun Tiantian’s eldest daughter is 7 years old, and her youngest daughter is more than 4 years old.To commemorate the gold medal won at the Athens Olympics, the nickname Sun Tiantian gave her eldest daughter was called “Athens”.Later, when he had a second child, he simply called “Nana”.”Athens, Nana, were not used to screaming at first.Later, I was used to shouting, sometimes one mouth was ‘Athena’, and the two ran over together.”Like Li Na’s husband Jiang Shan and Zheng Jie’s husband Zhang Yu, Sun Tiantian’s husband Zhang Peng is also a tennis player and is now the head coach of Henan.Under the influence of such family conflicts, it is almost impossible for children to dislike tennis.  ”The kid really likes it, but the level is not very good.”Sun Tiantian smiled and said that children of this age are mainly interested in cultivating interests, they will not intervene too much,” as long as they like, no matter what age, they will work hard, we do not force.Of course, you have to do this seriously. This is what we ask of them.”Sauna, Night Net Sun Haiguang Zhengzhou reports

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